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Our engagement crosses all boarders. As of today, the ‘European Foundation’ and the non-profit associations ‘Golfing with Heart’ are actively engaged in seven countries in Europe. This is not the end – we are continuing to grow. If you would like to learn more about the specific work we do in Liechtenstein/Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Russia and Lithuania, please kindly click on the relevant country flag you may find at the top of the web site.


We are delighted about every donation and would like to thank you wholeheartedly also in the name of the beneficiaries.


The aim and purpose is to considerably improve the care and the healing prospects of needy children and young people suffering from cancer with the help of your donation.


All relevant relatives are informed in understandable terms by us about the different forms of cancer, the diagnosis and therapy options.


To generate as many donations as possible and reach a wide audience, the non-profit associations ‘Golfing with Heart’ organise Charity-Golf-Tournaments in their respective countries.

Since our establishment in 1997, over Euro 16 million have been collected overall. This is astonishing amount, which we are very proud of. This funding has been procured by donations and the organisation of our ‘Golfing with Heart’ charity tournaments. The net income of each tournament is solely used as financial aid to support needy children and young people suffering from cancer.

In close cooperation with the local relief organization, the national association / foundation is to distribute the income of the tournament as financial support directly to the concerned children and young people in the region of the venue.


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